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2017: New year, new goals.

Tuesday, 24 January 2017 at 11:24

We have all heard the dreaded "New Year, new me" mantra repeated on social media on 1st January. Yes, it is true that we all set overly ambitious and unrealistic goals, I am a true believer that commitment to change is great and it does not matter if a new year is a catalyst for it. Let's raise a glass for 2017 goals.

Education and career

1. Finish university in 2017 with a MSc in Law, Business and Management.

2. Get a some sort of a career. I seem to have made a career of being a Paralegal. The sad truth is that I am great at what I do and there is absolutely no reason why I should not progress. I have got caught into a cycle of complaining about my job prospects and frankly, this needs to change. Less complaining, more action. Let's be honest - becoming a solicitor is bloody hard. When 1,500 people apply for 40 spaces, you know you have to be pretty special to get all the way there. This is the year when I work my hardest to get there, but hey - if it does not happen, it is fine. I need to be open for a Plan B. There will be many job I can be very good at and still be satisfied with. 

Personal development

3. Learn how to drive by the time I am 26. It is shameful that at this age I still have made no attempt at learning to drive! This is the year!

4. Come out of debt by July! This one will most likely be the most challenging one, but hey ho - gotta be done!

Health and fitness
5.  Look good naked, aka the goal we all have every 1 January.  Ever since I was in my late teens, I have been on some sort of a diet. Looking back at it, I think it is incredibly sad.  This year I will aim for balance. Yet again I started the Kayla Itsines BBG guide. I am currently working my way through week 3. Yes, it is bloody hard and the thought of exercising 6 times a week makes me shiver. I have been really struggling with my energy levels and digestion issues, which is not really great at the age of 25. I am already very good at meal prepping and cooking relatively healthy, but I let myself go with booze and the occasional binge. 

Last year I got to week 6 of the BBG programme. I then had to stop due to an issue with my knee, which was subsequently diagnosed as chondromalacia. This year I am restarting the programme - this year I will modify all of the jumping to protect my knee. After all every move counts and the modifications don't mean I break any less sweat. 

Watch this space as this blog and my instagram at @fitaggie have been created to keep me accountable. 

This weeks measurements are: 

Height: 160 cm
Weight: 65 kg
Waist: 74 cm
Hips: 104 cm
Thigh: 63 cm
Calf: 40.5 cm
Arm: 30.5 cm

Over and out!

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